Roof Cleaning Sydney – Professional Roof Restoration

Many homeowners are unaware their terracotta and cement roof tiles don’t need to be replaced simply to restore the aesthetics of dirty tiles. Sydney Pressure Cleaning Services provides professional restoration services to expertly treat your tiles, removing dirt, grime, mould, moss and more to bring your roof back to life.

Terracotta is an extremely resilient and durable tile they are susceptible to algae and over the years can often become severely infested with lichen. Not only does this risk the hygiene of your roof, it also causes your property to look old and deteriorated before it’s time.

Let the professionals refresh your roof

Our expert team are experienced in a wide range of terracotta treatment and cleaning techniques and can provide specialised services to revitalise your home. We use technologically advanced high pressure equipment and cleaning techniques to transform your terracotta tiles back to their vibrant, original condition.

Our unique service involved a tried and tested 5 step process to restore your terracotta roof.

  • First we inspect your roof for loose or broken tiles that are either repaired or replaced
  • We then apply a fungal treatment to kill off mould and lichen
  • Your tiles are then high pressure steam cleaned, gutters are cleaned out and all resulting mess is cleaned from your house and surrounding areas
  • Ridge capping is re-bedded or re-pointed depending on the conditions of the capping
  • Finally a clear, semi gloss sealer is applied, enhancing the look of your restored tiles (optional)

Talk the professionals to restore your home

Sydney Pressure Cleaning Services provide a wide range of pressure cleaning services, and can incorporate terracotta roof restoration into a wider residential cleaning strategy or as a stand alone service. Whether you’re looking to restore a newly purchased home, revamp your existing property for sale or refresh the look of your current residence, our expert team can help.

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To arrange a free quote or to talk to a specialist about your roof restoration and pressure cleaning needs, call our team on 1300 399 791. Looking for more pressure cleaning services? Explore our residential and commercial offerings to give your whole property a makeover.

Refresh your roof now with Rhino Pressure Cleaning.