Professional House Washing in Sydney

Many homeowners despair at the thought of having to fork out for expensive paint jobs as their homes start to lose vibrancy and dull with time. The good news often all it takes to give your house exterior a makeover is a professional house wash with Softwash from Sydney Pressure Cleaning.

What can appear to be aged paint or wear and tear is often simply a build-up of dirt, leaves cobwebs, air pollutants, and general debris, and can be removed with a professional gentle cleaning service from our specialists.

Tough on dirt, gentle on your home

Forget about harmful chemicals and destructive high pressure cleaning, Softwash is a gentle, safe method used by the professionals at Sydney Pressure Cleaning to wash the dirt and grime off your home without risking any structural or paint damage.

Softwash has been specifically designed to be kind to your home and avoids using any high pressure cleaning methods that often take off paint and damage decorative structures, outdoor appliances and belongings.

How does Softwash work?

A specially formulated spray solution will be applied to the exterior surfaces of your house by one of our cleaning specialists who will ensure all areas are covered. Exterior surfaces that will be cleaned include gutters, windows, fly screens, walls, awnings, fly screens and doors.

The Softwash solution is left for a few minutes to take effect during which time it breaks down cobwebs, grime, dirt, and debris. Stubborn dirt will sometimes require loosening with a soft brush.

After a few minutes, the Softwash application is rinsed off with low-pressure cold water, with our specialists adjusting water pressure to accommodate for delicate areas including lights, power points or fragile glass.

Preparing your house for Softwash cleaning

There are a few precautions you should take to prepare for exterior house cleaning to ensure your Softwash is as effective and safe as possible to both your home and belongings. These include:

  • Ensure clothes are removed from washing lines/clothes horses
  • Turn off outdoor lights and any exterior electrical equipment
  • Cover or remove non-waterproof items on any decks, balconies or patios
  • Ensure your fuse box is closed
  • Check all windows and doors are tightly closed
  • Move your car to a safe parking spot away from your house, or inside your garage

Our specialists will take the time to walk around your property with you to ensure outdoor items are secured or a safe distance from the house to avoid potential spay contact, and can help you remove or cover any delicate items you may have overlooked.

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Our team of experienced specialists is fully licensed and insured house washing professionals operating throughout the Sydney and North Shore areas. Our team are committed to their work and delivering exceptional service, on time and go above and beyond to accommodate your needs or additional ad hoc cleaning once onsite.

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