Pressure Cleaning – Driveway Cleaning in Sydney

Give your guests a great first impression with a clean, presentable entrance. Your driveway is not only functional, it’s the first experience guests and passers-by have of your home. Forget about scrubbing your driveway with brooms and store-bought, harmful chemicals. Sydney Pressure Cleaning provides professional high pressure cleaning services for your driveway, giving your home an instant facelift and helping to maintain your hard surfaces. Our team is dedicated to providing you with safe, reliable cleaning solutions that avoid damaging your surfaces.

Protect your driveway materials

Whether it’s concrete, natural stone pavers, decorated concrete or tiles, you’ve invested in your driveway and it’s always worth protecting the material to get the most out of your money. Our team of experienced technicians understand the individual characteristics of each material and will adjust the pressure cleaning solution to suit your property’s needs.

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Remove stubborn oil spills and stains

Driveways are prone to suffering stubborn oil spills from cars and motorcycles that are hard to remove with residential cleaning products. Our specialist staff will use a combination of methods and techniques to work on your hard surfaces, starting with a high-pressure steam clean, and where necessary use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.

Keep your driveway free from moss and algae

The hard, porous surface of your driveway makes the ideal breeding ground for lichen, moss and algae. Our team have developed multiple techniques to treat surfaces affected with moss and algae, and can create a tailored cleaning strategy for your driveway to remove stubborn stains, plus remove any moss or algae. Not only can our team remove these substances, we can apply treatments to hard surfaces to protect against future lichen or moss infestations, keeping your driveway cleaner for longer.

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To give your home a facelift and return your driveway to its original condition, call our team today on 1300

399 791 or contact us online for a free quote. Our team also provide a wide range of house cleaning and roof cleaning services, so why not discuss a professional property cleaning package with our team?


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