Remove Strong Mould and Algae with Sydney’s Leading Pressure Cleaning

Clean and treat your outdoor surfaces for an instant facelift
Outdoor surfaces are the perfect breeding ground for algae and mould and can quickly become infested. Sydney Pressure Cleaning Services offers professional services to effectively clean and treat infected areas, helping you refresh the look and hygiene of your outdoor areas.

Our team have developed two highly effective treatments used to both clean and treat existing infestations, and prevent mould and algae returning to the treated areas. Both of these systems involve specialized steam pressure cleaning to first remove the mould and algae, giving your hard surfaces a refreshed, vibrant new look.

However, removal is just the first step, to ensure your hard surfaces stay infestation free you need to treat the invisible spores of the algae and mould. Our experienced technicians use two treatments:

Anti Fungal Hard Surface Treatment

Our team will start with a thorough steam pressure clean of the infected area before applying a special product to the affected surface. This solution is biodegradable and works to attack mould, gunge and moss spores.

Water Repellent Surface Treatment

Mould and algae love damp, wet surfaces to grow in, so it’s imperative to treat any outdoor surfaces that are prone to damp conditions. By using our specialized treatment to attack affected porous surfaces you can greatly inhibit the rate of growth and infestation. After steam cleaning your technician will apply the water repellent solution which then penetrates deep into the surface pores to form a bond with the surface. This then assists in creating a seal to lock out water and contaminants. Not only is water repellent surface treatment effective in treating your algae and mould issues, it also assists in reducing slip hazards.

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Our team at Sydney Pressure Cleaning Services are committed to their profession and passionate about being industry leading experts. With exclusive services and techniques developed by our engineers and cleaning specialists, you can be sure your cleaning services incorporate the very latest methodology and products. Talk to our team today to arrange a quote and revamp your outdoor areas.